Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Not All In My Head!!!

Not the actions of yesterday's 'house spirit' - I'm not convinced I'm not going nuts there ;) But my kids recent behaviour.

But it's not hormones. I had contact with the school yesterday and they haven't settled as well as I had hoped into the new school :( - and this has obviously influenced their behaviour at home. Kahli in particular has had more issues - mostly as she was reveling in the light of being the new girl and acquiring new friends when a week after they started at the school another new girl came into the class and took everyone away from her (according to her teacher) this other girl is rather mature (physically and emotionally) for her age and a big personality which really drowned Kahli out - so all the other kids were attracted to her rather than my Kahli... I know it's a fact of life etc etc...

I was rather concerned when the teacher asked if Kahli had previous issues with making friends and at school and I told her how 2 years ago she had a teacher tell her that she deserved to be bullied (yes the teacher was quite proud of herself and confirmed to me that was what she said grrr) Ever since then Kahli really lost a lot of self confidence and a lot of trust in authority figures (only natural really) so I was quite taken aback when her new teacher said that (and I probably have her words out of order but this is the gist of it) "that was two years ago, she needs to get over it" Ack!!! I was really stunned with that and fought back (especially when the teacher said Kahli's endless prattle is a sign she isn't lacking in self confidence - I know my daughter, she has a very low self esteem!!! ) but to no avail..

Anyways - the reason I write this here is that I contacted the school and spoke to the school counsellor who spoke to Kahli today. Everything seems to be settling and Kahli has started a rapport with the counsellor. Things have been sorted out in the class apparently but the counsellor said something that confirmed a few concerns I've had of late. She said that Kahli seems to think outside of the box, outside of the norm... I raised the fact that Aleksandir has previously been diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and the counsellor said that was interesting. Kahli is to be investigated for being on the autism spectrum. It kinda makes sense with her struggling socially... I'm not overjoyed about the possibility of her being on the spectrum, it would answer a lot of questions and it does make sense - BUT the main reason I'm willing to go ahead with looking into this is that if she is on the spectrum she can get the help she needs and move forward with learning how to socialise and deal with her differences.

The school is also going to go ahead with further assistance and investigation for Aleks - a MAJOR win for us!!! We know he is on the spectrum big time - we know he was diagnosed with aspergers (although the new psych on the government system reversed that when he gave the school a new form grrrr) but all schools since have said he was aspie - and this school apparently have not had any info passed on from his previous school and we didn't insist on the meetings we've had with other schools so they had no idea on this, but they had picked up his differences - so I KNOW it's not in my head!! They had no prior warning of either of my children (the teachers that is, the principal was told of Aleks briefly at our first interview but was not expanded on) so I KNOW that I've not influenced the teachers opinions, they have drawn these conclusions from dealing with my kids so I know and feel quite reassured that it is real... I'm not crazy, I'm not just over protective.. there is something definitely amiss with at least Aleks' (that we already knew and had been dealing with)

I am soooo relieved that it is not going to be swept under the carpet like it had been back in Tas and my kids are going to get the assessment and follow-up that they not only need but deserve - they deserve to know that they are different, and how to deal with it and to move on with coping and practical mechanisms to help them deal with this crazy world. I and so happy and relieved they will get the help and assistance they need :) I guess I'm relieved I'm not going out of my idea - at least not with my kids... this 'house spirit' though is another thing ;)
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