Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pre-Teens Going Cheap!!!


Do you feel my angst??? They're not even teenagers but OMGosh the attitudes are super huge - I don't know at times how I'll get through to the end of the teenage years but after today I can already feel the wrinkles increasing and the grey hairs waiting at the side-lines to jump into the hair growth **sigh**

I love them all completely, but sometimes, just sometimes I would love these 'difficult' stages to pass by quickly and I have my gorgeous loving children back...

I pray tomorrow will be a bit easier - Aleks is the worst at the moment, and part of his issues is he doesn't know how to express his emotions or how he feels so it's all bottled up until the volcano explodes - today it did in surly, angry, narky, picky, disrespectful force - Oh I was so glad when bedtime came - and despite everything he is still so much a sweetie he came up and kissed me goodnight and said he was sorry for being like he was today and he wont be like that again - hmmm do I believe the brain that is so sweet and innocent of the hormones that are raging - methinks as much as I want it to be the other way the hormones will win out and there will be a battlezone on the house front soon enough again... Ahh the joys of this age!!!

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