Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winter, Winter...

Oh where art thou???

Oh dear I'm probably jinxing myself for saying that but isn't this just the mildest autumn/winter out!?!?! It could be totally due to us moving a little further north, but it is exquisite weather at the moment. Yesterday being the first day of winter started off foggy but once the sun burned through the cloud it was a glorious day here in the Mount - so much so that getting into the car we had to wind down the windows as the sun really heated up the inside of it - and here today we have a balmy 17*C!!! I mean - wow!!! Winter in Tassie is definitely different to this.

I don't know how much worse this weather is going to get or not, apparently it's the 'norm' and the locals around here are saying that it's cold... Hmmmm I think they need to spend a winter in the frost and wind of Tassie if they think this is cold LOL This is like the run up to summer for us!!! I'm loving the fact Dommy is still running around in nappy and t-shirt!!! So different, I'm trying not to take it for granted - expecting a cold freezing change any day - but then... Maybe this is the norm and it's something for us to get used to ;) That will be really hard to do - NOT!! LOL
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