Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shameless Plug ;)

For Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia's upcoming cyber crop ;) Honestly I love this group of scrappers. they have been so welcoming and friendly - I am so thankful for the day I searched in google for "scrapbooking Mount Gambier" and stumbled upon this site. It's not too big that you get bogged down with who, what where and "how the hell do I negotiate the site" kind of thing, but the inspiration and talent there is amazing!!! If anyone is looking at starting or continuing with scrapbooking and want a great little site to join head on over - I promise you will not regret it!!!!

The cyber crop, well I've only attended one but it was so much fun!! Games, and lots of chatter!! I tell you these girls can talk!!! I struggled to keep up - but am planning on doing my darnedest to not let them get away this time hehehe I'll be right up there with them all going well ;) And of course then there are challenges to complete in the days following the cyber crop - and they are really good to get the mojo flowing ;) And last but least there are prizes!!!! Lots of prizes and several sponsors so there could be rewards as well as getting the juices flowing and forming new friendships - so why not come and join in even if you've not scrapped a day in your life yet - come spread your wings and have some fun and see what it's all about!!!

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