Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Photo's as Promised!!!

Yes, they were promised ages ago... I've been busy editing and burning disks for Tassie clients and catching up there - oh and scrapping in my kid free time too ;) Burning has been a cow of a job as we still can't locate our disks so I had to go buy another spindle grrrr now they're waiting here for Nathan to get paid so we can post them - ahh the joys of monthly pay days!!!

Anyhoos here's some pics :)

Bill and Ben - who have now been renamed Moe and Joe by the kids LOL...


Kahli - trying to influence the ball to curve ;)

William having a go - he's come a long way from here!!!

Domenik in the garden - it's raining leaves!!!

Domenik - he's just spied daddy who threw the leaves at him

and finally for now...

Aleks and Portia - earlier this year but I do love this photo ;)
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