Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cream Tiles....

...that's what we have in our living, kitchen and dining room area's. I love the look of them, but cleaning them just isn't my forte at the moment. I think it's more that I've never had tiles in my life so am learning as I go. What really bugs me at the moment is the grout - I mean how the heck do you keep it white/cream!?!?!?! I've ran out of ideas other than getting on my hands and knees and cleaning each grout line with a toothbrush (I kid you not I've done this for part of the floor) great results but oh my gosh is it ever hard yakka!!!!

Anyways, today I've spent 4 hours cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, toothbrushing and mopping the tiles, and they look great - except that it's now dinner time and I know that as much as I have a messy mat under Dom he will get some veggie smash on the tiles, oh and I had 3 rambunctious kids run in from outside so I now have scuff marks on the pristine creaminess - oh and I've lit the fire so some firebox dust has settles on the tile hearth **sigh** It seems as much as cream tiles look fantastic they are high maintenance!!!

Any tips on cleaning them most welcome - especially the grout!!! Right now I'm looking into investing in a steam cleaner and hoping that will be the answer to my prayers - only thing there is what steam mop system to get!!!

Ahhh decisions and housework - they have one thing in common - they are both never going to go away!!!!

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