Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You could be neglected... the very near future. My parents are coming over from Tas tomorrow and I've a marathon drive to Melbourne to collect them then the drive home **yawn** I'm tired already just thinking about it!!! Sooo my time for my blog and scrapping will be very minimal I predict for the next 2 weeks... Hopefully we'll have a great time, and the kids will enjoy having their grandparents here as well...


In the meantime I've completed 3 layouts this last couple of days - two are completely rushed so I could say they were done for challenges - totally not me to leave it to the last minute - NOT!! LOL

First one is called My Angels in Heaven. It was for the Scrapbooking top 50's cyber crop. Challenge elements were :

*Use the quote "The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly" - Friedrich Nietzsche

* Include hand cutting - the butterflies are hand cut out of a printed vellum

* distressing - There is tearing and sanding in different areas. Also the backing of the poem has been rolled and had the edges distressed. the whole background has strips of masking that has been sanded and painted over to try and give an aged feel.


* some (more than 1) butterflies and/or birds! there's two of each.

The poem is very special to me and it reads:

Mummy, I am in heaven, so please don't shed your tears
I can see you and I love you and I will through all the years
I know you are my mother and none other would I have chose
For even up here in Heaven true love continues to grow.

Daddy, I see that sometimes when you are all alone
Your eyes get kind of misty and your thoughts they kind of roam
You are thinking of how things would be if I was there with you
All the things you would have taught me and watched me as I grow.

But I still love you my dear parents as if I was there on earth
I remember how you longed for me and looked forward to my birth
There was nothing you did wrong so please put your minds at rest
God just wanted to keep me and you know He picks the best.

And one day we will all be together in our castle in the sky
True peace and love and happiness, things money cannot buy
And you can hold your angel and sing me a lullaby
For a parent's love for their children is a love that will never die.

The other two layouts I've done were both rushed so I had them done before our visitors arrived...

I love Noo design clothes on babies Smile Another Noo layout for the month hehehe.

Criteria for challenge:

* Use Quote - "Indulge your imagination in every possible flight" - Jane Austen

* At least 2 photo's used

* Cut out one photo (bottom 4x6 has been cut out around Dom and plants)


* 4 word title

It's not exactly what I wanted, I would like to have fussed a bit more, but time's running away from me!!!

and finally...

Okies, for this challenges requirements...

* Use add for inspiration - I used it as a sketch outline forthe photo's and pinwheels to follow...

* lots of journalling - there's a poem, a little journalling spot of details for the pics and explanation on why I put the poem in there - I remember it from back when I was 9 years old!! Wow!!! scary hehehe

*rub-ons - there's quite a few there, as well as little rose type flourishes and individual daisy rub-on's scattered around


a pinwheel - My pinwheels are meant to be daffodils - they kinda failed but at least they resemble something floral-ish LOL

So there you have it - a monster post to tide you over the next few weeks of possible sporadic and sparse blog posts ;)

Until we meet again.....
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