Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog This - Reflections

Oh dear, I am so slack with my challenges - almost as slack as keeping up to date with my blog... I wonder if it goes hand in hand ROFL.

This weeks Blog This challenge is a photography one, the subject being "reflections". I've chosen an image of my children reflected in the waters at Somerset Beach at sunset. This was taken when things were so different, even though it's not that long ago our lives have changed immensely.

"Sunset Reflections"

This was taken before we knew what was wrong with Domenik's feet - it was a time we could go to the beach and not worry about getting casts wet or sandy, we could let the kids fall asleep and not have to think about putting braces on Dommy's feet... It was just a time we were able to be a little bit more carefree and it reminds me on how easy things can be... It was a time a simple walk on the beach was just that - simple...

Not only is it an image of my four beautiful children in a gorgeous Tasmanian sunset - it's an image that makes me reflect on our life and how easy we had it - even though we didn't think so at the time... The things we took for granted... Oh to be back on the beach again those few short weeks ago - how I would make sure we stayed there until the moon was out, we wouldn't race the kids back home for bedtime - there is no hurry when enjoying the things you love, you never know when things will change, or how dramatically... Life is for enjoying - each and every moment... never take for granted the simple things in life!!!


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