Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday, tuesday

Ahh what a day - can't say I've achieved much today, well except the usual LOL

Domenik has had another Topsy turvey day.. I've come to the conclusion he is definitely coming down with something :( He's still mildly grumpy, mild temp, sleeping all the time, miserable, runny nose and super clingy... apparently there's measles going around - I really hope it's not that, his vaccinations are up to date (William's aren't because of his allergy to the vaccines) so if it is it shouldn't be much, but poor little dude is miserable :( Which in turn makes mummy miserable with no sleep, clingy and squirmy hot water bottle etc etc etc.... It seems I try to do something and he either wants attention or I fall asleep LOL Not good when you have 3 photo shoots to process!!!!

Dinner is ready - I've slow cooked a mince casserole, nothing flash but it's food ;) This week I really have to get my menu planning under control and get back into daily routines so I have life organised...

Ooooh forgot to post here that Dom has his diagnosis on his feet. He does have Metatarsus adductus with mild clubbing of the feet, combined with internal tibial torsion and very very slack knees. So far he's had 5.5 weeks of serial casting and he's now progressed to a ponseti brace. He's struggling but we're coping. I'll post more about this tomorrow :)

Domenik in the Ponseti Brace
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