Monday, February 22, 2010

Back - again....

I've been slack again. So much for my aim to post each and every day ROFL At leat I've so far kept to my 365 ph0to challenge!! Yaay!! I'ma little behind with processing but they'll be up to date by this weekend :)

Well big news - I've started a website and working on my portfolio!!! It's here. I've had so many photo shoots of late that I'm thoroughly exhausted - and still loving it :) As of 1st March I'm having to charge for shoots as I can't continue pro bono and try to live at this rate. I had 7 shoots last week alone!!! I'm pretty pleased with the results, there are some things I wish I could change (as per usual - perfectionist in me) but so far everyone is happy and I've already got contacts requesting paid shoots!!! I may just have a chance in this business after all!!!

Domenik has also progressed from casting of his feet to the boot and bar. It's been a really tough transition for him, but we're working through things. He hasn't slept well the past few days after being trussed up in his contraption all night.... Last night was the best night sleep in ages, he slept from 8.30pm to 5am - was great, except that I was still up at 2am waiting for him to wake LOL

Hokey Dokeys, time to buckle the boy in and get him into bed... We're not sure if we're getting to playgroup tomorrow or not as he's been so unsettled with the boot and bar... We'll see ;)
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