Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to 'just us'

Mum and dad have been and gone. I'm absolutely exhausted and it looks like the flu has bitten me (grrr) but a good time was had on all accounts.

The weather sucked, have other external issues but everyone was happy and had a great time :) Mum and Dad didn;t get to do too much touristy things with the weather not playing her part - we did get down the Umpherstone Sinkhole and the sinkhole in town (no idea what that one's called) and through some shops. I think the size of Mount Gambier took them aback a little - it's a small city but a looooong main street with lots of shops!!!

We were all up at 4am this morning to see them off. It was hard to see your family drive down the drive and away from you, but we are standing on our own two feet and growing more and more with this challenge and adventure - no matter where we are family is jsut a phone call or a email away - this world of modern technology is a family's greatest friend when you live so far apart!!!

The kids are already missing nanny and poppy - they're asking when they'll be back for a visit. Kahli wants them over in October for her and Domenik's birthdays - I'm not sure about that one but we'll see what we can do.... It could be a nice birthday suprise for her ;)

We also had a rental inspection this afternoon - so despite the flu and total lack of sleep (because the night before last Domenik had a severe allergic reaction to egg so I was up most of the night with him, and 2 nights before that he was up cutting his two eye teeth!!!)I had to wait for our RE agent to come knock on the door. Passed with flying colours so all good :) and they're going to look into some little jobs around the house - it's nice to have a real estate who will do things for you and not hve you wait and wait and wait and wait... you get the picture ;)

Anyhoos, I really need to grab some rest whilst I can. Nathan's working late tonight so no chance of an early one- he's lost his house keys again so I need to let him in **sigh** Typical Bricknell male there!!! ROFL dim sim's for dinner - totally easy and unhealthy but it's food and the kids love them ;)

Take care all - I'll be back hopefully tomorrow!!!
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