Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thing I Want....

I don't usually have an answer for when people ask me what I want for gifts etc, but since I've started scrapping again... sheesh!! Oh there's so many things!!! I know, I know, birthday and Christmas are soooo far away (well we're on the downward run now, over half the year has officially passed!!!) but there's no harm in getting my wish list out there early is there??? **evil grin**

Ok, first thing is a Cricut Expression


My justification for this is that I can do my own Alpha's and it'll save me money in the long run!!! And really, the pink one is sooo cute - and what girl wouldn't like a nice expensive, electric pink plastic toy to keep her company during a long night of scrapping :)

Secondly would be an I-Top...


What is an i-top I hear you ask?? Well it's a cute little tool that allows you to make your own brads!!! I love brads, but sometimes get frustrated that what I'm picturing in my head isn't available in my stash of brads - and they're so expensive to purchase (talking fabric or epoxy brads here) so yep, a tool that will allow me to make my own with fabric, paper or what ever I want will be just great ;) Another pink toy, but this one is manual ;)

Thirdly would be the cousin to i-top, the I-Rock tool!!!

Ahhh bling, thou art sooo beautiful!!! and the i-rock would make life easier if I can make my own flourishes, make bling actually attach to what I'm doing without having to worry that the adhesive might not work (and have to pritt it down at a later date) Oh and it's pink and electric too, just a bit hotter (literally) than the other two ;)

And fourthly... hmmm... fourthly.... Not sure at the moment, but I leave my list open to add to or subtract from as I please ;)
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