Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Beautiful at the Mount :)

Well it has been for the past couple of days - so much so that we ventured to the Lakes park yesterday for a BBQ lunch and to let the kids off the leash. We met up with Vicki and her littlies and Charm with her partner and children - they all had a blast!!! It was nice to be out in the warm sunshine and hear the kids laughing and being... well... kids :)

I've got some piccies, but will get permission from the other mums before adding here, and have yet to edit my kids pics (slaaack I know LOL)

And today was another BEAUTIFUL day :) the sun here has a real warmth to it that was somewhat hollow back in Tassie - I can tell we're going to really suffer come summer - it's going to be something new to us to experience consistant temps over 30*C, let alone 40*C!!!

Today I did some editing of yesterdays images for Charm and Vicki - I'll get onto mine probably later on tonight... Then after dropping off some happy parcels we went to Target to check out the toy sale. Either I'm getting jaded by toys (I highly doubt this!), we're getting picky or the toy sales this year (Kmart, Target etc...) are really poor!!!! Nothing jumped out at us at all!!! I think we know what we want to spoil our brats with come Christmas, but we also use the toy sales for birthdays that are between now and Christmas, and to be honest... even for them nothing really said "buy me now!!!" I guess I'm lucky our kids love the great outdoors and crafts - looks liek it'll be that kind of theme when they unwrap birthday suprises this year!!!

Anyhoos, I can smell dinner burning *ack!* (spag bol) so better go rescue it or my brats will be going hungry!!!!
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