Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Warm Welcome...

is something that you just can't go past. I'm talking about the really warm ones, where after you've been introduced you're still spoken to and welcomed into the fold as such. Not just the "oh you're new, hello" and wander off to speak to someone else not to ever talk to you again kind of thing...

Since entering back into the scrapbooking world I've had three wonderful places welcome me and the welcome hasn't worn off. These places are online (although one has and another will soon branch off into real life adventures and friendships) and I can't thank them enough!!! No matter how much or little I write or communicate with me I've found them all accepting and willing to listen and converse back - something that I've found missing in some other online communities - and I want to acknowledge them here :)

the first one is a place I've linked to and mentioned many MANY times here - Scrapbooking top 50 Australia. OMG, I'm so pleased I found the girls here - they have been my rock since moving. I can't thank them enough for all they have offered me! I kinda forced myself onto them I think - but it didn't seem unwelcome so they're stuck with me mwahahaha And from this forum I'm forging new real life friendships and acquaintances in Mount Gambier!! Something I never ever expected!!! They always bring a smile to my face, make me laugh and challenge me to go further with the hobby I'm loving at the moment - Scrapbooking :) I'm truly blessed for finding them and for their friendship and camaraderie in return xxxx

Second one is Scraphappy Kat's blog!! I discovered Kathie's blog via Scrapbooking top 50 Australia. It's a great little place of close friendships and a mutual love for our scrapping :) It's another place where no matter what someone says or writes you will always have a kind word in response. Lots of laughs and smiles too :) Oh and I get to meet most of the contributors there at the end of August when they have their scrapbooking retreat!!! Lots of giveaways form the lovely Kathie and encouragement galore - love you girls!!!

and last but not least is an American forum that I found via a blog link from one of their DT's - the enormously talented Tanya Tahir. It's The Scrapbook Nook! I'm not an avid contributor there, but do subscribe to their monthly kits (which incidently are brilliant!! Sooooo worth every $$ spent!!! - and no affiliation to get rewarded to send you there, I just love them!!!) This is a unique forum that has been built over time and isn't just full of girls from the USA, it's an international forum and a great place to be getting inspiration from all over the world!! The gallery for this forum is really something to see - it's GORGEOUS!! Even though I'm just a lowly newbie, and not a well known member (I think most of the members there wouldn't even recognise my user name!!!) I can comment, post, upload etc etc and get awesome feedback, lovely responses and HUGE encouragement!!! A great place to be a member of and so much to learn with a lot of girls there being DT's for the big name scrapbooking companies - a LOT of inspiration and love going around there :)

So there you have it. I've tried to get in on other forums and groups... the initial 'welcome' post seems to go down well but breaking into them from there hasn't really worked - To the point on some I can post and be ignored completely!!! I can't thank or recommend the above groups enough. If it wasn't for them I'd be feeling mighty lonely here in the Mount, I'd not know half of what I've already learned and experienced already with my new scrapbooking adventures. I'm surely blessed to have these people in my life.

from the bottom of my heart

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