Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Saturday to You :)

Yes a reasonably happy and settled day here.. well if you ignore a few arguments and fights between the older three brats it was LOL I'm hoping and praying and hoping (again) that things will really settle properly once they go back to school. At least this term the kids wont be upset with us moving, or having visitors cancel their trips with no warning (actually not even turn up when expected - that really upset them) Basically we're back to the business of settling in and existing - nothing more, nothing less... so here's for a happy and settled school term and children who find their place in the class and social groups and start to be more happier in themselves :)

We discovered that Aleks for some reason was thinking that we were going to be moving again in 12 months... this was our initial understanding of Nathan's position here in SA, but have been reassured that that will not be the case, they want him to be here at least 3-4 years initially and if we like Mount Gambier it can be a more permanent contract - so no moving for a while here - it took a LOT to get Aleks to understand this - I still am not certain that he really comprehends that we're not moving... But his fears about moving was one thing that he said made him not make friends... I hope and pray that he goes into the new school term on Monday with a different mindset and the knowledge he can make friends and not lose them...

So today was another day come and gone... Not much out of the ordinary happened, well nothing that concerned me too much LOL Apparently our family is out of the ordinary, but it's "normal" to me LOL

Dommy has been very sick the last few days, so lethargic and running a high temp, luckily he perked up a bit today otherwise it was going top be a trip to the hospital. I have no idea what made him so ill, he has cut all his teeth, there is no coughing, wheezing, rashes, tears or obvious pain - so no idea at all... but it looks like we're on the other side of any issue there - he was running around quite happy after dinner tonight so I'm confident we'll have our cheeky little boy back in the morning :) He's started to copy more words this evening too - he'll mimic what we say and try to make the words - just like our own Dommy parrot hehehe he really is too cute for words :) I'll have to charge the video camera and get more on film before he grows a bit more and corrects all the cute stuff - such as calling all animals "meows" and the way he mimics us all...

Well I'm sooo tired after having a couple of rough nights with the little Domster so heading off for an 'early' night - well before midnight and hopefully an uninterrupted sleep ;) Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some scrapping done - I'm being realistic and thinking some is probably 'minimal' but hey - it's a start on the CC challenges that are due next weekend ;)

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