Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a Happy, Scrappy day!!!!

Wow is all I can say!!!

Well to start with, the inspirational and lovely Sue from Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia suprised me by asking me to be the forums "scrapper in the Spotlight" for the week :) It's such an honour to be asked out of all the members to be featured - how could I decline!! So it's all done and up on the forum to see here :) all live from today.... I'm not one for being on display like this (although this month I feel my life has been laid open for all to come look, poke and comment on haha) so it's kinda awkward for me - so long as it's all good though I'm happy hehehe

And then today I get an email from the editor of Scrapbooking Creations - a scrapping magazine here in Aust. She loves my Happy Bee layout and would like to publish it!!! Again, how could I say no LOL so I'm to hear from the editorial assistant later this week with what to do next!!!

WOW!!! what a great day!!! I'm soooo over the moon and excited and surprised and, well speechless!!! (wouldn't know it from this entry but you know what I mean - I hope!!)

maybe I need to start having more faith in myself.... :)
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