Sunday, July 4, 2010

Super Quick Post...

We've been netless for a few days whilst our internet was being upgraded - we're now NAKED!! LOL well Naked DSL at least ;) no more landlines for us!!!

This week is going to be busy. We're trying to maximise the time mum and dad have left here, then on Thursday they leave for Tassie and we also have a rental inspection... Friday will be my big "phew" releif day when we start to get back into a routine and start really living our life over here in SA... up until now it's been a look forward to this and that - kind of like a "hold our breath until *** is over/happened** kind of thing. From Friday onwards there is no reason for us to hold our breath. I've let go of toxic friendships and have a whole new future to be looking forward to and so much enjoy etc - it's time for me to be FREE!!! and I actually feel free and released ) It's great!!!

Anyhoos, this was a short post... Back to being a dutiful daughter and ignoring the puter on the desk ;) LOL

Oh oh oh - Dommy cut his top 2 eye teeth Friday!!! he had a tough time and I can pinpoint the hour they were breaking through (we were at the centro complex and he screamed the shops down!!!)

Ok signing off now ;)
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