Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Dear

last nights post was such a garbled mess hahaha - sorry!!! I was trying to get out a few different thoughts that have been going through my head, I didn't realise it was so dis-jointed!!!

Well I didn't get that good a night sleep last night, Domenik was really unsettles at around 3.20 and wouldn't calm down, I think it was a night terror or bad dream because when he woke at 8am (in my bed beside me after keeping me awake until 5am trying to settle and soothe him) he woke up with a start and crying again, not normal for my little Dommy....

I guess it's a wait and see thing to see if it'll happen again, right now he's exhausted and already down for a nap **fingers crossed** he had a great sleep and wakes in a good mood, and has another good sleep tonight!!!!

For me, I'm going to try to finish the Cyber Challenges for Scrapbooking top 50 australia today and get them uploaded. I've done 3, not overly happy with them, but they're done ;) and am about to start the final one - I'll upload them here once completed :)
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