Sunday, August 1, 2010

Winters Days...

Well after a hint of spring it seems that the weather has decided it likes to be winter more... So the fire is back on, hot coffee in hand (well not right at the moment I'm typing **doh**) and cardi's re-dusted off ;)

It's definitely a different winter her in the Mount. We haven't had any of the bitingly cold days that we have back in Tas... I know some people here say they've had a few frosts, but at this house where we are we've had a grand sum total of 2 frosts to date - and at that they were very light frosts, as in they were melted totally by 9am!!! Totally different to spending half the day thinking it had snowed outside because the frost was still white and thick on the ground at midday!! I could easily get comfortable with wet winters here, but the summer still has be very afraid!!!

Summer... Hmmm back in Tassie, it meant sunburn and beaches (yeah I know, not very slip slop slap) I'm one of these dreadful people who still sunburn despite putting sunscreen on - no idea why, but it's always been a pain (quite literally) but the sun here is different, we're a bit further north meaning it'll be more intense, coupled with the heat we've been warned about (40*C c'mon.. please nooooo!!!) I don't think I'm going to be too much of a happy chappy come this summer... I know it'll be the worst one as we're still acclimatising, in fact that is the only thing that is preparing me for it all - knowing that it will be the worst one because the next one we'll be that little bit more ready and experienced... But still, I can see me being a total hermit come summer - everyone will have to come to me if they want to see me LOL

Seriously - this little black (or terribly white as the case may be) duck even gets sunburnt in the car!!! Augh!!! I'm probably imagining things to be a lot worse than what they can be....

but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the slowness, the snuggliness and wetness of a winter in the Mount - yes enjoying the rain, I have gone around the loop ROFL
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