Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm baaack!!

From retreat that is :) I had a great time away - it was sooo therapeutic to be out of the house, no kids, no stress, no pressure and just be with like minded people who didn't judge and we just laughed and laughed!!! I'll have piccies and more in my crafty blog maybe later this evening or tomorrow depending on when fatigue catches up with me ;)

The thing I've really noticed when getting home is just how much I missed my kids and yeah, I guess Nathan too :P Dommy seems to have grown up soooo much over the last 3 days!! I know the reality is that he hasn't, but the time away opened my eyes on how he really is a big boy now - he's no longer a baby :( That's sad but so exciting a the same time. He's such a gorgeous kid, really happy and caring and sharing at the same time. He's so smart and inquisitive - this boy really is a full time job to keep entertained and have his curiosity satiated - and I love that!! I love that he has a thirst for knowledge and a love of life.

the older children are also growing up before my eyes. I detected the first ever so slight crack in Aleksandir's voice. He's on the cusp of becoming a man and so confused about himself and where his place in this world still - but I know that he's happy at home and that makes me confident that he will in time start to feel comfortable within himself - we simply need to continue to be a rock for him at home to which he can anchor himself to and know that there are places that he can come to if he falls or needs a hand... It's scary for me to see him grow into a man, I know that he'll grow and move out of home sooner that I want him to, I know that I'll always worry about my special boy... but I'm so proud of all he has done and all he has become in such a short time, and how far he will go - he has the determination to achieve I hope that we can get some assistance in helping him with his self confidence and learning to like himself soon so his potential can be reached.

Kahli is very very quickly becoming a young woman. She's fast becoming a teenage girl and I thin I can see a little girliness creep into her!!! She's starting to notice more about herself and become a little more aware about her moods and behaviour which is a HUGE step for her. She's always been the little spitfire of a red bead - which can be adorable in a little toddler at times, but as a bigger kid it was rather wearing!! I have no idea where life is going to lead her, but I know that prety soon we'll be needing to fight the boys off with a bat - she's a very good looking girl, and I think under all her lacking of confidence, she knows that... How to stop her becoming vain - I've no idea... Hopefully she'll take any compliments and attention she gets with grace...

William is learning that he has a skill for art. It's in the blood really as pop was always drawing and made a living as a sign writer in his later years. Pop fostered a love of art in me and I hope that I can pass this on to William :) Wil is as the others are growing incredibly fast. I think he's making up for his many years of not growing when he was younger because he's shooting up and becoming a bean pole - just the other day he was wearing his size 8 jeans and holding them up with Domeniks little size 1 belt!!! It fit Wil perfectly!!! He's not emaciated - he muscly (for a boy) but there's not one ounce of fat on him!!! A very healthy and active growing boy!!! William seems to be very popular, which has brought with it it's own problems.. mostly with his behavioral and language at times mimicking those who he's been having around with at school - not the prettiest, but he knows and accepts any correction or punishment if required quite well once it's explained to him. He seem to be quite adaptable and even though he's only 9 years old he at times seems much wiser beyond his years - he's going to go far in this world if he can keep out of the bad crowds... He is such an intelligent and quick witted boy - my hands are full but I know that he repays it with love and I pray that this continues as he gets older...

So, besides me finally relaxing I've had my eyes opened and have come to realise that I can't fight my children growing up. It's not all bad, I'm so proud of them and can see that they all have potential to be brilliant young men and women. I love that they love me, that they are usually well mannered and at the moment walking what seems to be the right path in life for them. They are intelligent in their own ways, caring, loving and depsite all their fighting and harsh words I know that they love each other and will always be there to protect each others backs...

I guess I've learned to acknowledge that my family despite its foibles and daily grind is a loving family that functions and love each other... I love them, they love me... and even though I wasn't in the house for almost 3 days things didn't fall apart - they held everything together... For that I'm secretly (don't tell him though) proud of Nathan and the kids. I think we're heading down the right road for once - and we're doing it together and with confidence.. We're finding ourselves on this track and finally growing up - all of us.
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