Friday, August 6, 2010

Have you ever....

looked up at your ceiling, be it kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom etc and noticed a spot. A spot could be anything... something out of the ordinary that obviously should not be there? Well I've just done that.

I was calling Dommy to the kitchen to collect his "Dum Dum" for "Nigh Nigh's" (if you can read through the baby talk there you're obviously a parent - it's dummy for nap) and I noticed that my little stained glass glass frog on a leaf that dangles on a crystal that I hang in the window was showering the room with rainbows. When looking around I noticed a spot on the ceiling! I've not seen it there before, but the more I looked the more I noticed this spot seemed to be multiplying!!!

There is not one spot on our ceiling but many little ones!!! You could say my ceiling had contracted a virus, and I should really just feed it paracetamol for a couple of days and the spots should clear - oh and don't scratch because it can scar....

Well the itch came over me.. I had to scratch!!!

So off I climb on a ladder (I'm quite vertically challenged you know - wish I was horizontally challenged too!!) and I started to scratch at the spots - that is clean them.... Orange spray out and armed with a microfibre cloth I attacked those itchy spots with gusto... one by one, and then I looked behind me... The spots were gone., but there are now scars on my ceiling!!!

What are the scars?? they're the clean areas that are now surrounded by the not so clean areas that have never been cleaned!!! Augh!! The whole ceiling needed cleaning down!!!!

As I indicated earlier I'm quite vertically challenged so this was doing my back and neck in... So the ceiling will have to remain a little scared for now... I'm looking at maybe a chemical peel (full surface cleaning) later in the weekend - performed by Nathan of course haha he's 6ft 2 so taller than me and as a cleaner in a previous life more qualified at performing such a radical treatment as a full chemical peel on the ceiling than I am ;)

So should you ever notice spots on your ceilings - be forwarned.. they might be itchy but scratching isn't always the best thing... My suggestion - go in with the big guns first (and let someone who is taller than you do all the work ROFL)
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