Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Long Now....

Until we head off for the retreat! It's in an are of Victoria I'm totally NOT familiar with so getting there will be an adventure for me - Luckily I've got the gorgeous Vicki to come along and she know's where she going - kinda LOL

It's such a weird experience for me to be traveling in areas I don't know... I've grown up very familiar with Tassie from when dad was a truckie and we used to sit in the back of his truck (he had a sleeper berth) and we'd go along for the ride - seat-belts weren't mandatory then.. hmmm not that safe now that I think about it!! LOL So I've known just about all the roads of Tassie from a baby girl.. to be traveling areas and not know what they look like, where to turn off etc etc is really foreign to me - another thing to add to the excitement!!! :)

So I think I've packed too much already - I need to cull what's in my scrapping bags - oh clothes, easy peasy... when you don't have that big a selection it kinda selects itself ;) But scrapping supplies... that's another thing... I don't know what I'll need exactly so want to be prepared for anything, but know I can't take everything!!!! I've got tomorrow to get things finalised because we'll be leaving reasonably early Friday morning - and returning Sunday afternoon - a weekend with no kids!! that's going to be bliss!!!! Well, except for coming home to a bombsite, but it'll be worth it ;)

So the countdown is on, bags are already groaning at what is in them... and I'm getting nervous about meeting a heap of people I've chatted to online but never actually met... all the insecurities are zooming around my head but I'm trying to push them aside.... I'm sure they are all as lovely as they seem to be online - hey I know they will be.. my insecurities lie within myself - I'll get over it I know... it all takes time - one little step at a time...

Most of all I KNOW it's going to be a great weekend ;)
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