Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Yep, it's Monday, another work week has begun... What's different abut this week is it is the last week of electioneering here in Australia and I'm soooo glad to be nearing the end of it all!! I was over the ads within 24 hours LOL. I think I feel the nationwide apathy towards the election at the moment... There's not much being offered and it's not that exciting really! Another swinging voter left swinging here ;)

Anyhoos, I hate talking politics so wont any more (well not for today) The last couple of days Ursula (the ulcer) has taken her toll. Yesterday I was able top perk up enough to go take some photo's for a friend who just had her first baby - what a gorgeous little family they make!!! It's re-kindled my desire to get into photography... I don't know how I'll work getting out there, or if it'll work but you have to give your passion a go hey ;)

Charm has been urging me to have a stall at the market to sell some scrappy creations I've been making so I'm thinking I might put some fathers day and baby welcome cards together with some of my images and print off a portfolio album and maybe some business cards and have a stall this weekend - it's all kinda last minute, and will depend on how Ursula is behaving... I wont go in with any expectations so wont be disappointed, I would like though to sell a few items to cover the cost of the stall though...

Talking business I'd only be able to work on Nathan's RDO's - but at least they are rostered so I know when they are!

So whatcha think? Am I blowing into the wind? is it a pipe dream? In a way I hope not because now more than ever we need to start looking at maybe another income in this house, especially if we need to start weekly trips to Adelaide to get Dommy's feet treated... so much to work out - I think it's time to start getting pro-active again - I don't like not working LOL sad eh ;) I feel at such a loss as what to do with myself, I think that's also cause for my loss of mojo.

well off to continue urging Ursula to leave me alone... I've spent most of the day on the couch dozing whilst Dommy had his nap... he's now up so I need to be more alert... but I'll try to keep things low key because I think I can feel Ursula slowly loosening her grasp on my stomach!!! well here's hoping the week runs smoothly and this time next week all the election, pain and doubts will be over!!!
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