Monday, August 2, 2010

Feeling the Vibe? QV mum2mum

I had the opportunity to trial the range of QV skincare the last few weeks as part of marketing research at Vibe Villiage.

I must say that I'm suitable impressed. We have allergies in this house (as most would know) so to find something that doesn't flare up little Dom or William skin on contact is really important. I was aware of QV products from when Wil was a baby and we used them with him so was really comfortable bringing these into the house to try.

The skincare range doesn't feel cheap or nasty, it's really quite soothing with a clean almost fragrance free scent. It's been really good for my normal tending towards dry skin type. I'm not really one for skincare, but that will have to change now we're in a drier climate. I've noticed since starting up a regime with it that my skin is not feeling as dry as it had been since moving to SA so really happy with that :) I'm about to start Kahli off on some of it, she has a dry exzema on her upper arms and thights, it'll be interesting to see if these products help clear it for her as she heads into her teenage years.

So I definitely recommend this product if you're in the market for something new, or even if you're not - go give it a try! There's no harm in a change - especially if that change doesn't cost you a fortune hehe.
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