Tuesday, August 24, 2010

About to have a *moment*

Augh!! I'm feeling so blah today!!! Tired, no strike that physically exhausted!! My brain feels like mush and I really feel like sitting down and bursting into tears from exhaustion!! I know it's mostly hormonal oh, you know that dreaded cycle we women put up with Grrr.... Anyways it's dreadful here at the moment.

Nathan's snapping - or is it just the way I'm reading it - dunno, really couldn't care less at the moment LOL Just wallowing in my miserableness (wow! I didn't realise that was actually a word!!!) He's started re-arranging the house - something he used to do all the time on leave... Something he's obviously still doing when on holidays!!! It's probably going to work out for the better because when we moved in here we had no furniture and when it arrived we didn't experiment because we were just so happy to have a house and be 'home'... but still - it's not helping my misery guts at the moment ;)

I've also got Aleks home with what appears to be the flu - so in kind I'm hoping he's not sharing it with me and that's why I'm feeling *blah* School sent him home yesterday with a headache/earache so I spent all day nursing a pre-teen who thought he was sick enough to be home from school but well enough to be up playing the PS hmmmmmm yeah - kids hey ;)

Anyways, I'm here wallowing... wallow, wallow, wallow.... I really should do something productive today but thinking I'll just sit down and finish some swaps for the month and vegetate ;)
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