Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster...

Do you ever find yourself in the shower thinking about everything that has happened in your life? Well I do. I stand under the hot stream of water and let it cleanse my thoughts as well as my body. I stand there and think about all the things I'd love to say to people, all the thigns I'd love to write here... but I never do. I hate to see people upset and don't like causing trouble for others (despite what they have done or do to me) that may make me a martyr to some, but honestly I think I'm simply weak.

If I was strong I would be standing up for myself more and not feeling the pressure that is my life coming down on me all the time. Right at the moment I'm living one of those pressure days... I could cheerfully crawl back to bed and have a good sook... instead I prepare my kids to take them to school and get ready to go downtown and work out what I can or can't put in the shopping trolley.

Anyways, I might get the strength to come back and write what is really deep down inside of me and go hang with the consequences. I think it'll be good therapy to get it out - to finally deal with the hurt that at least one family has dealt me over the past couple of years... one day - maybe...

For now, I log off and take my kidlets to school and do all other things a mother must do.

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