Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I think I'm starting to relax - properly relax!!

I realise stressing about things, playing them over in my mind and making myself sick about things wont help. Things that are done or that are coming up will happen and have happened. It's a case of one step after the other and trying to make everything as positive as possible and moving forward.... Like I said, one step after another :)

I'm finding my body is telling me to sleep of a night now, something I've not had for a long time. I'm getting tired and my brain is switching off for me. I think it's the acceptance of change and knowing that whatever may come we've been through some of the worst that life can throw at us, we can and will cope with whatever may come our way...

I've also come to the conclusion that the reason I've struggled so much with moving etc is simply (what I've mentioned before) the lack of preparation. I didn't think of myself as a control freak before but I probably do want to have things controlled and planned out - it comes from having kids who are different from the norm and who need to have even going out for the day planned down to how many cloth nappies, epi-pens, snacks etc to take with us - I didn't used to think I was that anal, but I most likely am... 9 years of planning everything down to where the closest hospital and quickest route has made me this way :)

Soooo I can't change the preparation thing, but I can start to accept that it's happened, we are here - we're all in one piece and I just have to take one step after the other and embrace the opportunity we have now to become MAINLANDERS!!!! Something I never thought I'd ever say but no need to run from it - the word hasn't stopped spinning, water still runs from the taps and is drinkable, the sky is still blue and you know what - the best thing is the locals still speak English - and with an Australian accent - fancy that!! ROFL

Onwards and upwards, no regrets, no looking back, only looking forward :)

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