Friday, September 3, 2010

A Little Bit Ironic....

Dont ya think??? Well I LOVE that song my Alanis Morrisette and I'm finding some little bits of my life seem to mirror that song...

It's amaaaazing how many people wanted to be my friend when I offered free portfolio shoots when I was looking at starting up a business when still in Tassie - and it's amazing how quickly they turned when I found out about moving to SA - in a space of a week I was getting nasty emails, letters, people dropped off my facebook page and all - they ran! It was like they were saying she's not good for freebies anymore, lets go look for the next sucker!!!

And yet through all this I still had people who would tell me that I was reading the situation wrong, that I as too cynical etc etc... Well now look who are eating their words!!! Definitely not me!!!

Just a little bit ironic - don't ya think ;)

Me? I knew the story and how it would end... I knew these people only wanted me for what I could give them for free, and nothing more... They were never there for me, they were never really my friends... That is why peoples it's wise to protect yourself - I did this protection by getting model releases from them all :) I'm all covered and they thought they were using me, but I protected myself professionally, legally as well as emotionally by not expecting more from them than that which was superficial... Always know where you stand - it's not worth the pain otherwise!!!

I know that at times I can be a real softie and a sucker, when I give my all to people I really do do that - I give my all... But in this situation I knew the cards, I knew the game and wasn't being sucked in...

The reason I raise this is in response to a conversation I had yesterday - I knew there was an individual out there who was feigning friendship to get all she could out of me... I knew the story but I kept being told by others that she was legit... Those 'others' are now well aware of this individuals workings and realise that I was right! I've found my gut instinct to be correct so many times rather than not - I've just had it confirmed yet again - so I really do need to be more confident in my gut instinct and back myself... There's a reason some of us girls have a 6th sense ;)

And the biggest irony - the person who insisted this individual was legit, the person who confirmed to me that this person was only out to get all she could from me is the person who betrayed and hurt me in the worst possible way - yeah, that's quite ironic - don't you think???

The best way to get one up on those who hurt you in the past is to live your life to the best of your ability and move onwards and upwards - that's just what I intend on and am doing :)
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