Tuesday, September 14, 2010


it's been a while since I've posted here - shocking eh ;) Well... I can say that Operation Veggie Garden has well and truly commenced. I've got piccies too - I'll upload and update this evening all going well :) What else have I been up to?? Creating gorgeous works of art - that's what ;) I'm Guest Design Team member for the Scrapbooking Top 50 cyber crop for September, so I've been doing a couple of crafty bits an pieces there. It's all uploaded in my CRAFTY BLOG. Go check it out - I dare ya Mwahahhaaha

As for home front - all's going well at the moment. kids are their usual selves - trying, loving, fighting, annoying, exasperating... nothing new hahahhaa I'm LOVING spring here in the Mount, temp has hit the 16-17*C mark - something I'm not used to in September, I hope the hot weather doesn't arrive too soon!!! I'm kinda scared to think we'll be experiencing regular temps above 30*C, but it's something we're to get used to... especially as signs are looking good for Nathan to get permanency here **yaay** but that's not confirmed, just looking good ;)

Lots of good stuff happening at the moment (hey I believe in Karma - looks like it's coming around to us at long last!!!) Nathan's decided that I need the office more than he does - so I now have a dedicated CRAFT ROOM!!!!! I was hesitant at first to take it because I thought it might encroach on my sneaking scrapping time - you know where you're watching kids or dinner etc and just slide on over to the table to re-arrange (ummm complete from woe to go) a little LO.... yeah well, I guess time will tell - it's nice though to be able to leave stuff out and not have to worry about little fingers touching, or cats jumping and un-settling etc.... my little safe haven I guess ;) I'm loving it at the moment... time will tell if it will stay a love/love situation or not ;)

Oh yes - dad got the all clear from his last visit to the oncologist (I think that's who he saw today) There is no sign of the cancer **yay**!!!! He has 3 monthly visits and checks for a while and beside the general advice of living a healthy lifestyle he wont need any more treatment :) Biiiig sigh of relief there!!!

Hmmm that's pretty much an update at the moment.... I'm in the middle of organising myself for Domeniks 2nd birthday which is raching towards us with supersonic speed!!! I ask you - "where has the last 2 years gone"???? Seriously, time really has flown and I can't believe my baby boy is about to turn 2!!!! I think that is when homesickness will hit - celebrating his birthday (and Kahli's whose is 3 weeks after Dom's) and not having my family there.... It's going to be different - but we are learning to stand on our own two feet and this is something that will be done and will become familiar to us as well. It also marks 6 months (give or take a day or 3) of us arriving in South Australia!!! Sheesh, hasn't that time flown too!!!! So we're combining his birthday with a "statewarming" of sorts. We're going to have a BBQ at home, with all our new friends and generally celebrate this new phase of our lives and that our baby has completed his second full year on earth - and how much he has grown and learned and enriched our lives :) So Oct 3rd - be warned Mount Gambier - major parties happening at our house!!! the entertainment area is to be christened Bricknell style and lots of food, drink, Tassie culture (hahaha) and merriment to be had!!!!

and with that good note I'll sign off for now... off to start planning a menu fit for a king ;)
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