Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!!

And it's time to turn the weed patch behind the water tank into a glorious veggie garden!!! Well first it's to work out how to remove the knee high stinging nettles from the garden beds first - any ideas?!?!?! I'm thinking long sleeved shirts, gloves and boots with hard manual labour could be the most likely outcome...

Anyhoos, I'm currently working on a list of what I want to plant. I know it'll be mostly heirloom veggies so I will be able to harvest the seeds for next years crops - and I want unusual things, like purple carrots, black tomatoes and brown capsicum - things that will make the kids want to get out there and join in the fun :)

I honestly love gardening, and am feeling sooo free now that I'm not running after anyone apart from my family that I can actually get back to the things I love and spend time on us - that probably doesn't make sense, but the last few years I feel I've been running after other people or working so haven't had quality time as a family to work on us - and the shackles are released so this free feeling I have is just so umm.. I think liberating is the right word!!

Anyways I digress again LOL I'm looking at some tomatoes, I'm thinking at least one red, yellow, green and black of regular size and cherry varieties, and similar for capsicum. Lots of different varieties of carrots and lettuce... ummm squash, cucumber, zucchini and beans too... then I'll rotate into winter crops when the seasons start to cool off - Now it's a case of working out what varieties grow best here in SA. I know what grows well in Tassie - but the whether here's just a tad (read a whole LOT!) different here LOL Oh and I'm thinking it would be great if we can grow melons here - We're going to be inundated with fruit as it is with our mini orchard (cherry, apple, apricot, peach, nectarine, orange, plum and a couple of unknown fruiting trees as well as our over-productive lemon tree) but some melons would be a great addition - oh and strawberries too!!!!

Oh and on top of that I've added something else to my "wishlist" of gifts - I want to start preserving again. With all these fruit trees and hopefully a generous veggie garden we're going to be inundated with fresh produce (well that's the dream LOL) so an electric preserver kit would be a god send - it'll mean we will have canned fruit and tomatoes from our garden well into winter and help a lot with budgeting and making things last :) I don't think that's asking too much ;) I've yet to spring this one on Nathan - I wonder if I can convince him it'll be a worth while birthday present... hmmmm

So yes, spring has sprung - even the wind here is warm!!! Something I'm not accustomed to unless it's the middle of summer!!! So I'm planning for a bounteous few seasons ahead and looking forward to a wonderful time ahead for us - yes it's just a veggie garden, but it's been years since I've had a proper veggie garden, let alone the time to spend in it!!! I can't wait to get my hands into the warm earth and feel the sun on my face :)

Yeps - I can feel my old self coming back.. I feel myself coming alive and finding me again :) It's a great feeling to finally wake up and out of the darkness!!!!

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