Monday, September 27, 2010

They all Bowl....

except me **sob** Dommy had his first real bowl last night... He' been itching to get out and bowl with the older kids for so long... He knows the bowling alley - he looks for the big pin ever time we go down commercial street and are near Elizabeth street - oh he knows where it all is!!!

So last night, David (the centre owner) gave into his pleading, big brown eyes that were begging to be released and allowed out to experience the thrill of hitting pins with a big bad-ass ball (however in his case it was a fluorescent orange 5lb ball LOL)

Oh where has my baby boy gone to?? I don't know, but he's growing up soooo quickly and is now officially a bowler as well... do I (as someone who has only bowled once in her life!!!) feel like the odd one out or what?!?!?! LOL

**please excuse the quality of these pics,
I had to use my phone's camera - I wasn't
expecting such a momentous (lol)
occasion to occur!!!**

Dom's first ever bowl... hmmm a little far away from the line doncha think?!?!

hmmmm, that's a better place to start!!!

Wahoo - pins down (at last - the ball was a 5lber and took AGES to get to the pins!!!)
Hi-5's all around!!!
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