Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm not sure If I've thanked all my friends and people in my life at the moment or not (too lazy to look back and check so saying it again if I already had :P)

I want to say thankyou to everyone I have in my life at the moment, family friends, online and in real life, old friends and new... You are all in my life for a reason - I loves ya all :)

The most important thing you've given me is a soft place to fall and an ear to listen...

You've made me realise that I'm normal! That's a BIG thing for me!!!

I know that living in a small town/are etc isn't always all it's cracked up to be LOL and spending time around those who aren't positive tend to rub off on you... You my dear friends are positive, butt kicking kind of people and I love that...

I love that whilst I've been on this journey of finding me that you've hung around and supported me when it would be so easy to run :)

I appreciate the support and love I've had back in bucket loads - it's something I've missed when I was isolating myself from the world trying to cope with the hands that life has dealt us.

Most of all I love you all as individuals, I appreciate everything you do and love that you keep my head firmly pointed to the future - the past is something to be put behind me... the future is where I live!!!

And you my dear friends are my future!!! In real life, online, old or new, it makes no difference, genuine love and friendship can be felt from one end of the world to the other - it's such a magical thing when it's legitimate and real :)

So from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!!!!
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