Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Today is a day to celebrate and remember our father figures. I know not everyone has a great dad or even a dad they know, let alone a dad they want to remember... not all dads are the best but I'm lucky enough to have a dad who does love and care for us.

Nothing is usually too much for him, the countless times we've called him out to fix things, do things for us etc etc.... It's one of the challenges we have now that we're interstate - I can't call dad if our car has a coughing fit or I need something checked on the clothes dryer etc... And to be blunt, as much as I love Nathan a handy man he is not ROFL

My dad hasn't had the best of years, but putting a positive spin on things he's come through and is still upright and now has a clean bill of health. He's been battling prostrate cancer since the end of last year and has recently had the all clear with frequent follow-ups he should be A-OK. This was a tough time for us but we're through the worst of it... He's also rebuffed some ridiculous claims from a mentally unstable girl we had at the home... we still rose above it and move forward... 2010 has been far from an easy year, but it really made us learn who were there for us, who really loved and cares for us and who will be there in the future - and my dad will be one of those always by our sides whether in person or in spirit

So this one's for you dad - Have a wonderful Fathers Day 2010 :) Sorry I didn't get my card to you before the actual date (augh this week flew too fast!!!) but you'll get it next week AP willing!!!!

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and to all the other worthy fathers and father figures I wish you all a great fathers day as well **huggles**
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