Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They're Gonna be TV Stars!!!!

well ad stars at least LOL. Last week the kids came home from bowling extra excited. David from Gambier Bowl had asked them to feature in his commercial that was to be shot on the following Monday.

Soooo yesterday after school I dressed them semi-good... They weren't to be in their Sunday best - but gosh was it hard to resist that!!! LOL and sent them off all excited :)

I didn't see them back in the door until after 8.30pm (mostly because Nathan bowled in place for someone in the Monday league) They came running into the house, a mess of arms, legs and gabbing mouths - they were sooooooo hyped (it could have been the junk food and fizzy drinks they were plied with) they were soooooo excited and soooooo overtired all at the same time.

Apparently they were filmed playing solo, as a family with 'fake' parents and siblings and also as a group and having a party! There were other kids and adults there as well so it wasn;t just my brats. How much of them will be in the short 30 second ad is anyone's guess - I hope that my warning will be heeded and they don't start to compare airtime or expect to be a 'star' or (my biggest dread) they expect everything filmed to be on the ad - but really, I know it wont be - they're expecting a movie length commercial to be aired I'm sure!!! Soooo come the end of September you'll be seeing my rambunctious trio on your TV screens if you live in the SE part of SA ;)

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