Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 'F' Word!!!

I have a silly smile on my face this morning... And happiness bubbling up - all is coming right with the world :) Aleks has FINALLY started using the 'F' word!!! I'm sooooo happy that he is settling and feeling comfortable to use it at long last :)

It's taken a lot of frustration , tears, tantrums (on my part mostly LOL) a few meltdowns and a lot of questions as to why... But we got there in the end.

Oh I know that he had it in him. I knew that the 'F' word would come out of his mouth soon - I could see it coming closer to the tip of his tongue each and every day - especially if I would question and push him - I could see it, but there was also a little glimmer of fear in his eyes and I knew that few and self consciousness was holding him back... But since he's said it once - Wowsers!!! It's always in his vocabulary now - there's no stopping him!!!

And since he's been using the 'F' word the change in him is astronomical!!! You can see him walk down the street and puff his chest out - he's really finding his stride - just because of this little word!!! He' grown almost 2cm too - it's from starting to stand up straight and tall and be proud of who he is and confident that this word is going to be with him for life - and it's a very powerful word!!!

But it's not just us who has helped make this change - it's an older boy at school that Aleks has hooked up with. This boy seems quite lovely. He's been collecting Aleks before school and after school so they walk to school practicing their vocabulary - he is the reason that the 'F' word is being used so much around here :) He's one grade higher than Aleks but seems to have really taken him under his wing - he's polite and caring - he even played peek-a-boo with Dommy around the front door this morning when he picked Aleks up for their walk to school!!!

I really do love using the 'F' word, and am so pleased that my kids are using it too - especially Aleks!!! It's taken some time, some perseverance, but I think he's on the right track at long last ;)

After all where would we all be if it wasn't for this 'F' word...


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