Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Really Can't Believe It!!!

Domenik's about to turn 2 years old!!!! I know a lot of time has passed, and I feel that time has passed slowly - but at the same time I also feel it's passed ultra quickly as well....

I know that doesn't make sense, but when we sit back and look at how far our little family has come these past 2 years, the evolutions that has happened within us, the way we've stepped out on our own, overcome sooooo much and are still moving forward - that whole process isn't something that happens overnight, so on that aspect, yes time has traveled quite slowly... we've been on a long hard, slow journey...

But then I remember little Dommy entering our lives, I remember his first smile, his first roll over, his little cheeky bubbyness... Time has flown so quickly for us to get here with him.... It's like only yesterday he was born... Only yesterday how I marveled at his baby blue eyes turning hazel and then rich chocolate brown... Only yesterday that he was a little baby - and now we stand here with a cheeky little toddler in tow (who incidentally loves to see himself in the mirror and said "hello" to his own reflection in a shop today as I wheeled him past a huge mirror display!!!)

Yes Dommy - you're busted!!!
Stealing sugar from the sugar container (eating from a fork mind you!!!)

Time sure has flown... and I know I'll be saying this again in 12 months time and then in 6 years time and again in 16 years time... I know it's the same for all parents... no matter how difficult a time their kids give them, how many heart stopping moments they give us... I know that no matter how much we want to stop the clock and make things spin that little more slower we can't.. We just treasure each and every moment with our babies as they grow up... and remember back to when they were sweet little babies and know that we were honoured to have been blessed with this little being to shape and mold as one of our own.
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