Saturday, October 2, 2010


My beautiful baby boy,

Today is the last day in the second year of your life. What you've accomplished in this last 12 months is nothing more than extraordinary. I know it's what most children do, but to watch you grow and learn is a real pleasure and an honour.

You are the happiest, cheekiest, and most endearing little man. I don't know of a single person who has not fallen under the spell that is you. You bewitch everyone with that wicked glint in your big brown eyes and your cute laugh is simply infectious.

Dom, you've a long way to go in this world. You are a precious gift to us, you weren't meant to come into our lives, yet you did - your life has a purpose - never ever forget that!

So what exactly have you accomplished in the last 12 months? You've learned to walk, run, jump and skip. you can dig holes in the garden, investigate how a worm moves and chase the butterflies and beetles that fly in our garden. You're forever inquisitive and from that you learn. The understanding that flashes in your eyes when something 'clicks' is like the spark of knowledge - you really do understand so much even though you're still learning to communicate it.

You've learned to start communicating. You talk sooo much - even this morning you rang nanny on the phone and had a conversation with her - granted you spoke in "Domenikese" but it was a proper conversation with sentences and pauses... If you want something you'll find someone who can get it for you and pull them by the hand or clothing (usually shirt front) until they are where you want them to be and patiently point or try to tell them what you want. Usually it's food or water - typical Bricknell style there boyo ;) You know when to put on the tears to get what you want and if that doesn't work you've discovered big brown eyes can beg like no one has ever seen before... and again, if that doesn't work a full on temper tantrum (arms and legs failing and all!!) will usually get you some attention - positive or negative you don't really mind... typical '2' year old ;)

Domdles, this past 12 months has also seen you diagnosed with mild clubbing of your feet and severe rigid metatarsus adductus. This meant several weeks having your feet stretched in casts and then wearing braces and orthotics day in and day out. This hasn't been easy for you - but you took it all in your stride. You smiled and laughed with the nurses as they changed your case every week. You learned to firstly crawl and then walk in your casts as well. you were determined they would not slow you down - and they didn't! This condition is no where near corrected my sweet little man, and I know the future could still bring with it pain and more restrictions as you go through more corrections. I pray that you continue to smile through the treatments and relish the fact that in time it is for your benefit that you can run and jump and play like all other children, and not be restricted by your feet. There is no reason why you have this condition - there is no use looking for blame. You're just a very special boy who has been made this way - again, we don't know why but the way you handle it is truly amazing...

And now my baby boy, we have moved away from your nanny and poppy and cousins that you loved. You have coped with moving well too. You will adjust because for you your memories are only now being made. You probably wont recall living in Tasmania at all. This saddens me, but I know that you will make wonderful memories and a life for yourself here in South Australia (or wherever life takes you) You have already made some good friends here (quite a feat for a 2 year old!!!) you have made this transition for the rest of us so much more pleasurable as we see you take in this new experience as well.. You are teaching us to look at the world with a childs eyes - just like you do. You have brought the innocence back to us, in a way only a child can do - you my dear boy have shown us and taught us despite your tender age all this...

So my baby boy, this second year of your life comes to an end tomorrow as you turn 2 years old. So much has happened in your short life, you have learned so much, you have grown and you have loved. You have also taught so much as well.. You've brought joy to so many around you as well as unconditional love. You are such a delightful blessing and as you move into your third year of life I pray that you continue as you have done with a smile on your face, love in your heart and innocence in your life. You are a precious little man and one in a trillion.

I love you my beautiful boy and am soooo proud and honoured to be your mummy.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow my cheeky little man...

It's a new day for beautiful memories to be made xxxxx
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