Monday, October 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday :)

Okies, let's see if this works!!! I'm attempting to pre-date a post... Guess if it works then brilliant - if not then this is going to be posted on the wrong day ROFL So if today isn't Monday - Don't bag me out - it's bloggers fault mwahhahahaa

Soooo I've menu planned again - long time between drinks you say - not really, it's just a long time since I've put it in here!! I really should though - it keeps me accountable!!!

Soooo... here we go!!!

Monday: Fish Cakes and Salad
Tuesday: Hamburgers and Salad or Veg - depends on weather and if kids want salad again
Wednesday: Shepherds Pie
Thursday: Sweet Aromatic Chicken and Veggies
Friday: Fried Rice
Sat: Roast Chooken with Veg
Sunday: Hot Spuds - Tasmanian style - yum yum!!
Monday: Lasagne and Salad
Tuesday: Chicken Sausages, Mashed potato and Veg
Wednesday: Hamburgers (hopefully BBQed at the park)
Thursday: Beef Strognahoff (sp??) with Couscous
Friday: Spag Bol
Sat: Roast Lamb with Veg
Sunday: Hot Spuds - maybe Tassie style again :)

Menu can be interchanged, and I'll have spare snags etc in the freezer if the weather is good for BBQs etc... There will also be an extra spag bol and casserole ingredients shopped for just in case ;)
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