Monday, October 11, 2010

Coming down from the Adrenaline High....

no I've not started sky diving or the like, but it's to do with my kids - again...

Dommy's just decided to pick a fight with a bee and lost... as a result we've discovered he's severely allergic so am currently watching him for further signs of anaphylaxis.

He came running into my scrap room (where I was watching x-factor - goooo Sally and Mohogany!!!) with a funny cry, I knew instantly something was up.. his little chubby foot had started to swell and he had welts appearing all over his torso :( I knew it was an allergic reaction then and there but had no idea what to... he kept putting his foot up so I did a thorough inspection with him sitting on the chair squirming and writhing in what appeared to be severe pain... I found the venom sack stuck in-between his toes and his foot... the poor little mite had no idea what was going on - he was such a mess :(

Within a minute of removing the venom sack he started dribbling and grabbing at his tongue so I knew things were getting bad so grabbed the claratine from the cupboard and forces it between his clenched teeth - he did NOT want to take that medicine!!! but mummy won that battle!!!

the claratine started working within 5-10 minutes (isn't it funny how time goes either super fast or super slow in those kinds of situations???) and the dribbling stopped as did the tongue pulling... Mind you this was also time I was to be collecting the older children from school, everything happens at once!!!

So I collected the kids, got home and spent 30 minutes calling the GP to see what the process is to report severe reactions here in SA who then told me to call the Er, who then put me through to something like nurse on call (I missed the name of the service, I just remember being put through!)

The upshot is I've done the right thing. In a way thank goodness for our previous experience with allergies or we'd be sitting in the hospital for monitoring not at home where he can relax and be comfortable!!! Sooo I sit here coming down from the adrenaline high of seeing my baby boy on the cusp of an anaphylactic reaction.... it's not the nicest feeling but I'm sooo relieved we've been able to avoid sticking him with adrenaline and a hospital visit... Here's hoping now that we can get him in to see a GP tomorrow and get an epi-pen prescribed, as with bee stings the next will more than likely be a worse reaction, and this kid loves to live outside, so I'm sure it wont be his last sting - or my last adrenaline high like this....

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