Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily

I wasn't sure if to put this here or in my scrappy blog... So will type here as blog entries and tabs in my craft blog... Hmmm yeah I think that's how it'sll work ;)

Anyways I'm going to attempt to do a December daily album for my kids to look back on and see how our new family traditions are being and were built. I'm going to be very technical here (NOT!) and say that it's from another website that this idea comes from and is lead by, but I've failed miserably with being prepared so will be working kinda backwards - as in journalling and putting memories in here to alter scrap into my album (which should already have been made grrr to me being sooo orgamanised of late - NOT hahaha


December 1...

We did the traditional setting up of the Christmas tree. Domenik has started his own tradition of demolishing said Christmas tree LOL He thinks the shiny baubles are 'ball' 'ball' LOL So he pulls them off and bowls them down the hallway as if he were 10 pin bowling LOL. As much as it's naughty and we chastise him it is very funny to hear him yell "ball" at the top of his lungs and then hear the rattle of a plastic bauble roll down on the tiles or floorboards.

This year we have had to change to all plastic/less breakable decorations due to the possibility of Dom turning them all into balls - coupled with tile floors ;) Maybe in a few years I can get my pretty glass ornaments out again... all in due time ;)

Now for some piccies!!!!




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