Thursday, December 16, 2010

Slap Cheek is in da house!!!

Of all the times to get sick the car chooses this week as does Dommy!!! The car is booked into hospital next Wed - until then we're going to be taking advantage of the gorgeous South Australian weather and walking a lot (hmmm it better stay gorgeous!!! LOL) as for Dommy - he has slap cheek :(

I thought he had an allergic reaction to some of the grasses that had shot up in the warm wet weather we've had of late, but it didn't go away... He developed a lacy kind of rash on his thighs and upper arms - it's looks like a mottled sunburn that blanches when pressed... Anyhoos, yesterday he came up with bright red cheeks - they've been red for a while, but I put it down to teething or not being well with the gastro we've all had... He's also had some funky stuff happening in his nappies so I knew he was not 100%... but after Dr googling and calling nurse on call (or whatever it's called here) it appears we definitely have a case of slap cheek... And with the car out of action and he no longer being contagious it's probably not worth the walk into town and the $60 to get it confirmed by a dr either - so wait it out as best we can and take lots of piccies to embarrass him with at a later day mwahahaha ahh evil aren't I LOL
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