Friday, December 3, 2010


Well after a LOT of sunshine today it ended with a bang - literally!! The HUGEST thunderstorm we've ever seen!!! We apparently had 21mls of rain fall in 30 mins at one stage!!! And add to that our carport flooded as did the street outside - it turned into a mini river - had a current and all!!! I can certainly see how these flash floodings etc happen from time to time!! It's something that we have NEVER EVER experienced back in Tassie - we think it's flooded if there's a sheen of warer over the road - well not suite, but nothing to this extent ;)

Aleks wanted to go out and have a run in the rain - it was deafening under the verandah - he mustn't have heard me tell him not to go out in it....

but he found out he didn't like standing in the rain - he said it hurt!! It took all of 10 seconds for him to be drenched!!!

The street outside as the flooding began to build up - I was too chicken to be out there for long, the thunder was right on top of us at this stage - the street became fully flooded within a few minutes - you can just see that there is a flowing current even when it was this small!!!

December Daily - Dec 2

What did we do Christmasy?? Well we Santa Snowed our windows :) Kahli and William cleaned them down and the children all picked a window pane each to decorate with 3 different stencils. Domenik hasn't got a window - his job has been to see how high he can reach and try and destroy the older kids decorations - he's on a self imposed seek and destroy mission ROFL

Tree, Snowflake and "Merry Christmas"

Santa, Wreath and Angel

Holly, Christmas Star and Reindeer with sleigh

Whilst this was being organised the kids snuggled up whilst the thunder and lightening and heavy rain was happening and also watched Home Alone - they love this movie... I still don't understand how the parents can leave and not notice a child as annoying as Macaulay Culkin was missing LOL but I guess it's what the script writers said hey ;)

Hope everyone else is having a great introduction to summer (albeit wet) and starting to feel come Christmas Spirit!!!
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