Monday, December 6, 2010

P - Day :)

P as in PUDDING!!!!

Yesterday we completed making our Christmas puddings - the mix smelt yummy, as did the house whilst they were cooking away :) Only thing is that even after 6 hours happily bubbling away they still weren't cooked.. so today I pop them in the oven for a bit on low and that seems to be a bit more successful... Hmmmm I wonder if the heat and humidity whilst making them had something to do with that!?!?!?

Anyhoos... we have 3 puddings and 1 Christmas cake - all from the one mix!!! It made HEAPS!!!

so my...

December Daily - Dec 5

Pudding Day!!!! All 4 kids joined in to help complete the puddings we started the night before. The smell from the marinated fruit was divine - Christmas in a sniff!!!

We had 3 pudding bowls so the older 3 buttered one up each - Dommy helped breaking the eggs up to add to the mix and Kahli and William measured out the remaining dry ingredients (William wore them should I say!!!)

"Look mum, all buttered up!!!"

"yum yum"

They all had a ceremonious stirring of the Christmas pudding. i think I read ot somewhere that this is a traditional thing to do to for good luck into the following year or over Christmas... I'm not sure which one but will look it up ;)

Aleks the king of stirring!!!

Dommy loves being a "big boy" :)

Kahli had to fight Dommy to keep the bowl - he didn't want to give it up!!!

William finding it harder than he thought...
Now is there more flour in the bowl or on his face!?!?!?!?

And with the stirring done we filled the pudding bowls...

And covered them with baking paper and foil ready to boil....


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