Friday, December 24, 2010

Seasons Greetings!!!

I'm being politically correct LOL Sad eh that some people can be offended by the phrase Merry Christmas - but oh well ;)

This year has so far been one hell of a ride and as much as it's been painful at times I can look back and see how far we've come and how much we've grown, learned and accomplished :) It's really been the year of the Journey this 2010 - and it's going to be a little sad to see the end of it... With Christmas merely days away it's a time for us to look back and contemplate where we have come and where we are - It's a time to be making happy memories and remembering those that have came into (and in some sad cases left) our lives.

This year has brought many joys, some sadness and a lot of unexpected growing pains but I'm so glad it's been a year that we have experienced. It really has been a time of growth and re-assessing where and who we are - and it's a starting point for us.

The end of the year has also brought us immense joy as we celebrate the fact that we will be completing our family come August of 2011 - yes we're expecting a new bundle of joy!!! He/She is doing really well with a lot of monitoring to ensure that all is progressing well. I had another scan yesterday which confirmed we have a gorgeously beautiful heartbeat at around 150bpm and a little splodge around 7 weeks and 3 days in gestation. This has been unexpected news for some as no one knew we hadn't quite finished our family yet - but here we are, and we're overjoyed that after experiencing 2 late losses in the past 12 months that it looks like this little one is hanging on and determined to join us :)

So with great joy and happiness from our house to yours :) we really do wish you all the very best of this joyous season - many laughs, hugs and in some cases happy tears :)

Make the most of this beautiful time of year... be merry, be happy and above all be safe!!!


From my happy (and growing) family
xxx Treens, Nathan, Aleksandir, Kahli, William, Domenik and *splodge* xxx
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