Saturday, December 4, 2010


This movie has become the kids tradition to watch every Christmas. They love it - and last night was no exception... Even though they're seen it time after time they still fall into fits of giggles over the character Wil Ferrel plays. I love the innocence of this movie - it really captures the Christmas spirit for me.. I know elves are not what Christmas is really about - but this movie helps inject a little bit of magic into something that has become so overcommercialised...

So onto my daily....

December Daily - Dec 3

Today the children watched their Christmas Movie - Elf. It was the first year that Dommy has really been into watching TV, and he was enthralled as much as his older siblings were.

All four rugrats watching 'Elf"

Kahli has taken it upon herself to be the official Christmas Countdown-er. She has been changing the days til Christmas on the santa chalkboard every morning :)

How many sleeps????

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