Friday, December 10, 2010


I feel sick to the core, absolutely disgusted and stomach churning ill for Aleksandir. Today was his last day at the school the children have been attending. I'm sure the world knows the issues we've had there with Kahli... Well Aleks also has been complaining frequently about bullying, teasing and the likes - I've witnessed it from kids from the school that also attend bowling but they know now I wont settle for it so it's stopped there. We know Aleks is different and can be very sensitive to social things and can't at times differentiate between good natures larking and nasty teasing so I've relied on the teachers etc to monitor this as they know his special quirks.

Anyways today being his last day at school and at that school in particular he came home with his shirt signed by kids whom were meant to be his friends.

Sounds normal right?


Seriously, I feel sooo awful for my boy... The words and names the wrote on the shirt are soul destroying!! He has walked around school all day with this shirt on - not being aware what his so called friends and class mates had written on his back... not knowing they were snickering behind his back and OMG I feel so destroyed for him!!!

To think that his teachers would have been aware what was on his shirt - it's pretty plain to see... that they didn't have the forethought to care enough to get him a shirt from the lost property and change it out - or to even call me... They let him wander around school with comments like "f@ggot" "kick me" "you suck" "f** you" "you have no balls f@g" These are just a few of the things other 11 and 12 year old so called friends have written on Aleksandirs shirt!!! Oh and there's more.. that's some of the ones off the top of my head - I feel like going into the principal of the school and show her just how much her teachers are looking after my childrens psychological welfare!!!

There are no words to describe how I feel at the moment.. I'm crossed between a fit of rage and indignation and falling into a heap of tears knowing that I allowed my children to enter this so called safe institution to be treated like this - there is no excuse for this - I DO hold the school responsible!!! They allowed him to wear these names, these words and this branding all day!!! Absolutely shameful MacDonald Park Primary School in Mount Gambier - totally and utterly shamefull!!!!

Yes a written complaint will be forwarded to the education department - enough is enough... I've reached my total limit!!!!!

PS: I've been offline a while due to gastro bug hitting us bad - never rains but it pours ;) LOL
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