Friday, November 20, 2009


Life sure is a roller coaster...

My daughter went missing on Wednesday. She was meant to be in after school care immediately school was out, but she didn't get there. I was of the understanding children were picked up from their class to go to the after school area, but apparently they're not. Somehow she got confused and didn't turn up at the facility...

It was 1.5 hours from the end of school to her being found - I was beside myself as I was an hour away and her father was stuck at work - never mind the fact it was 25 mins after she was let ouf of school that we received the first call saying she was missing....

I can't say too much here because I put a very inoccuous comment on facebook just asking a question how this can happen and yet no one take responsibility for her going missing and now the child care facility is threatening to sue me for defamation!!! I can't believe that my child goes missing, the school say the facility is responsible for her, the facility state is the the school that is responsible for her - no one is apparently responsible or accepting responsibility for a 10 year old girl missing on the streets for 1.5 hours when I'm paying for her to be in an adults care!!! Yet here I am being the open threatened with being sued for asking a question - no names etc mentioned.. nothing - in fact some people have been trying to guess what institution it is and got it totally wrong - I don't advertise what school or facilities my children attend for safety's sake.. and yet apparently I'm the one in the wrong!!!

Sorry if this is so dis-jointed - I need to get it out but don't want my words to be twisted again **sigh**

I'm awaiting a call from two local solicitors who are willing to take my case on as I am not retracting my question or saying that I was wrong - let alone putting up the public apology the facility is demanding - My gosh someone should be apologising to me and my daughter!!!

So much has happened, but I'm toos cared to even tell anyone the truth until I've spoken to a solicitor - how can the world be so screwed up that someone can be sued for simply stating the truth and especially over something as severe as their daughter going missing!!!!

frustrated - yes

Angry - yes

Scared - yes

Exhausted - totally
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