Monday, November 16, 2009

Day of New Starts :)

Yeppers - it's Monday, new week and **sigh** time to become accountable again...

Today is my first day on the "infamous" Flylady LOL Infamous because apparently it's going to make me *gasp* organised and clean!!! Augh - do I really want to become organised and clean?!?! Deep down I do really, but oh my reputation of being a happy go lucky slob may just take a flogging hahaha

I'm a weird beast, I don't like making changes like this but know it has to be done - total contradiction I am LOL

The other new start is back onto bodytrim - get some more kilo's off before summer really hits... So today is day 1 out of 3 days on pure protein.. Lots of BBQ chooken and eggs and meats and BBQ'sd and sooo looking forward to hitting veggies and salads on Wednesday hahahaha

Okies, flylady report - day 1 of beginner baby steps... What I need to do is clean and polish my sink so much that I can see my reflection... Hmmm Okies, sounds easy enough ;) And I'll upload piccies to keep myself accountable LOL

I do have to say that I suffer BIG TIME from CHAOS - Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome LOL I totally admit to that and want it rectified so will keep at it and see how I go. I have been experiencing the email routine for the last week so kinda have a feel for what is coming, but have to start with the baby step routine to ensure that I don't overwhelm myself too much to start with (something I'm pretty prone to doing - boots and all syndrome that one LOL)

So for today, off to clean and polish the sink and will upload piccies to prove that I have done it ;) one baby step out of the way ;)
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