Monday, November 16, 2009

Visitors from Victoria :)

Steve and Sheens came over this week for a much awaited holiday and we caught up :) It's the first time our kids have met and to say they got on like a house on fire is an understatement!!!

~ The Bricknell and Dalton kids ~

They were meant to have been here in October for their daughter, Jessica's birthday but Steve broke his foot (duh) and considering it was a driving holiday they kinda had to wait until it healed a bit ;) So Tuesday (just gone) evening they arrived and I had a birthday cake waiting for Jess :) She loves cats so I did a yummy scrummy mud cake shaped as a ginger tabby...

~ The Cake ~

I didn't realise until after I took piccies of it how it kind of looks like it's sticking it's thumbs in it's ears and sticking it's tongue out hahaha - cheeky puddy tat hahaha

~ 15 Candles to Blow Out ~

~ Cutting the Cake ~

Anyhoos, they travelled around the state in a camper van for the week - and I think got a BIG suprise about how long it took to travel and how little time a week was to tour Tassie LOL So many mainlanders do that, I love my state and would give anything just to have a month off- paid of course to take off and tour around... I'm contemplating hiring a camper like they had and jsut going that - maybe a week at a time.. do a week on the East coast and Hobart, another week down the West and far north west and then another week for the north, and then another week in the midlands and highlands... Sounds like a great plan for a holiday - I wonder if I could pull it off - hmm **ponders** ;)

Tonight they came and said goodbye before heading back to Victoria tomorrow... It was good to catch up - would be nice to have more time - actually they're talking about coming down next year and camping in the Cradle mountain area so maybe we can get something organised then ;)
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