Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today is....

Hump Day!!!!!! And we're still without a vehicle and could possibly be so until the middle of next week - but I'm trying to tell myself it will be doe by the weekend - positive thoughts right :P

I've been hitting the housework - it's be suffering with the hectic life I've had the last few months being out and about a lot, so a HUGE spring clean is in store... I'm actually starting to wonder if I should look at joining the Fly Lady craze again - I looked at it a few years ago and got inundated with confuzzling USA timestamped emails so quickly flicked it - apparently now you can time it for Aussie conditions - that's what I need ;)

Ooooh and more time with my camera too - I'm trying to stick with a photo a day again so I can get more experience under my belt - so far this month so good ;) I've got to upload them onto my photo challenge blog ;) I purchased a little cow suit and matching suhat from Noo Designs and had a 5 min photo session with Dommy last night and am really thrilled with two of the shots - me being a perfectionist can still see faults but oh so pleased with the first one :)

Dommy Moo Cow :)

He was having an anti-hat day so it came off pretty quick LOL He hated the hat for some reason, but at least he held back on a tantrum (of which he is becoming quite proficient) and just moseyed around in the long grass which is about to be mowed and the old autumn leaves that were still on the ground ;)

Dommy :)

Right now I feel quite stuffed, we walked (the kids biked) to the Shorewell shopping centre to get s few groceries from the IGA to see us through tomorrow - this no transport is a little harder here than our last house in the centre of town... It's close to a 2 km one way trip - one way beig uphill too **yeowch** my muscles are feeling it - especially as I was also pushing a 10kg pram with a 10kg bubba and bags ;) but we made it - we have bread and basics and hopefully I'll get the energy to either walk that little further to Wollies tomorrow or catch the bus downtown if I feel really adventurous hahaha

So with that I'm going to do a little research into the mysterious flylady and see what happens for us Aussies now-days :)
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